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Social Distancing:

  • We’re maintaining a 6-foot distance at all times inside and outside the restaurant.
  • Social distance spacing markers are visible on the sidewalks outside of the restaurant and throughout the restaurant.
  • Guests can join a wait list via app or the host stand, and we’ll let you know when your table is ready. Waiting areas only allow for limited to no seating to adhere to social distancing.
  • In good weather, there is oftentimes an External Greeter welcoming our guests back and managing social distancing in the parking lot, sidewalk, and main entrance.
  • In restaurants where there is an inside door, it is now propped open, so guests don’t have to use the door handle. 
  • Once inside, the host will seat guests, maintaining a 6-foot distance at all times.
  • Dining rooms and bars are operating at reduced capacity seating and are properly marked.
  • The number of Carside parking spaces have been increased to take care of our guests who prefer pick-up or delivery.


Sanitation Specialist:

  • In each restaurant a dedicated Team Member is following strict and regimented cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures throughout the day with a laser-focus on high-touch surfaces.
    • These surfaces include railings, doorknobs, window ledges, booths, tabletop payment and menu devices, phones, credit card machines, pens, check trays, highchairs and more.
    • Restrooms are deep cleaned and disinfected 3 times a day, with routine 30-minute check-ins.
  • These additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures are now brand standards and will remain mandatory in each restaurant.


Safe Service:

  • Team Members and Managers are wearing face-coverings and following all state or local guidance on gloves. 
  • There are reduced touch points throughout the dining experience.
  • We now offer single-use, disposable menus, or if guests prefer, they can access the menu on their own device at Applebees.com, or in 98% of restaurants guests can access the menu on a tabletop device that is disinfected after each use.
  • Throughout the meal, team members have no bare hand contact with any guest-facing items, including IDs, credit/debit cards, pens, plate ware, glassware, silverware, menus, etc. Garnishes are placed on beverages using tongs or plastic barriers.
  • Condiments are made available as single serve with the meal or upon request.
  • Also, in those 98% of restaurants with the tabletop device, guests can use it to pay directly at the table. And many of these devices also allow for even more enhanced contactless options including Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Tap to Pay vs a swipe. 


Health & Hygiene:

  • With a safety-first mindset, we’re following CDC and FDA guidelines as well as local and state mandates for all enhanced health and safety measures.
  • All Team Members and Managers have been trained in new protocols to keep our teams and guests safe.
  • All locations have a wellness-check process in place to confirm Team Members are healthy and meet requirements to work. State and Local requirements are followed when it comes to specific check-in questions or taking temperatures.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the restaurant for Team Members and guests.
  • Team Members adhere to a strict and frequent hand washing process with soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which are reported by the CDC as the most effective methods at preventing spread of germs.
  • Team Members must continue to wash hands properly before putting on new gloves. Glove changing is required following any exchange of items between guests and a Team Member, such as credit cards, cash, pens, trunk, or car doors or change in activity going from unclean to clean, such as sweeping or adjusting facial coverings, etc.




















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