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As we say at Applebee’s...

When one promotion ends, another always begins.
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Take a break from winter with Applebee's® newest Neighborhood Drink, the DollarMama. It's a $1 Bahama Mama that combines the flavors of coconut, cherry, orange, pineapple with lime and white rum. Get one today for a little taste of vacation.


The $1 Bahama Mama is served in a 10oz mug.

When & Where

Beginning February 1st. Timing will vary by restaurant. Check in with your favorite Applebee's® to see if and when they're serving the DollarMama.

Gift Card

Just like our Dollar L.I.T, Dollarita and 2 Dollar Blue Moon® promotions, you can feel free to use an Applebee's® Gift Card to purchase your DollarMama. Purchase a Gift Card online here!

Drink Responsibly

Our restaurants treat the DollarMama like any other alcoholic beverage - we serve and follow responsible alcohol practices. Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Find Your AppleBee's®  

For a limited time. Dine-in only. Price and participation varies.