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As we say at Applebee’s...

When one promotion ends, another always begins.
Check out our newest promotion here.


Turn $1 into 12 Double Crunch Shrimp.

Steak. Shrimp. They're both great on their own. But when you add a dozen Double Crunch Shrimp to any steak entrée for just $1, you're really living. Like, next-level flavor living. Available now for a limited time only.


Order any of our sizzling steak entrées, like the Top Sirloin, Bourbon Street Steak, and the Shrimp 'N Parmesan Sirloin.


Add a dozen Double Crunch Shrimp for just a buck!

Limit one add-on order of Double Crunch Shrimp for $1 per steak entree order. Offer may not be valid with other offers discounts or promotions. While supplies last. ©2021 Applebee’s Restaurants LLC.