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Applebee's® Franchising

International Franchise Requirements

Our Standard Approach

Our typical international development agreements require franchisees to build multiple restaurants in a defined geography within a defined period. Usually we require, at a minimum, 5 restaurants.

Our preferred partner is an experienced and well capitalized multi-unit operator who is probably operating restaurants already with another brand. We typically require a minimum of 1MM USD in net worth for each restaurant to be built, along with substantial cash assets for initial restaurant construction. It is also important our franchisees have sufficient funds to cover working capital costs and startup costs, which are substantial.

Territorial exclusivity is occasionally given, but our willingness to consider exclusivity is dependent on the initial development commitment.

Our Ideal Franchise Partner

  • Is committed to a long term franchise relationship built on trust and respect
  • Knows how to build a brand
  • Understands that accessible pricing and value are core components of casual dining
  • Has prior hospitality experience or knowledge, particularly in critical areas like supply chain, quality assurance, real estate development, and marketing
  • Has or will have infrastructure dedicated to the development of our brand
  • Has material liquidity and net worth, with access to capital
  • Has a track record of developing multi-unit restaurant systems


If you are interested in taking the next step, please fill out our Request for Consideration form or feel free to contact us:

International Franchising
[email protected]