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Statement from Darin Dugan, Applebee’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Culinary

By now, you no doubt have seen this video from YouTube user brgrzbrgrzbrgrz, who has “uncovered” one of Applebee’s most closely held trade secrets. It’s true, Applebee’s All-In Burgers are real and revolutionary. We sear ingredients like bacon, pickles, onions, mushrooms, even pineapple (yes, pineapple) right into our fresh (never frozen) ground beef.
Our All-In Burgers are so good that we couldn’t keep this kind of information secret any longer. While our video gave Guests an insider’s look at how we’ve changed burgers for the better, they’ll have to wait until Aug. 18 to try them firsthand. Until then, our apologies for the cravings.