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UPDATE: Applebee’s Corporate Statement on Incident in Madison Heights, MI

We have obtained a copy of the complaint filed against us today. We want to reiterate that we are thankful the child was not seriously injured in the incident that occurred at our Madison Heights, Michigan, restaurant last Friday.

We’ve publicly apologized and accepted responsibility for serving the child the wrong beverage. We’ve changed our procedures by switching to pouring apple juice only from single-serve containers served at the table.
There are discrepancies between what’s been widely reported and the information we’ve obtained.
According to the Madison Heights Police Department's report, its field test at the restaurant checked the drink and it registered a. 014. This contrasts with what’s been widely reported and claimed in the lawsuit -- that the child had a blood alcohol content of .10 and was rushed to the hospital.  According to the police report, the EMTs checked the child at the restaurant and released him.
Today the Detroit News reported:
Madison Heights Police Lt. Robert Anderson said the investigation is continuing but he doubts it will result in criminal charges. He described the .014 reading police obtained off of a container at the restaurant as “trace’ and “about what you might expect from mouthwash.’”
"I don’t believe the boy registered .10 blood-alcohol level. The evidence we have wouldn’t result in something like that.”
Applebee's is cooperating fully with the authorities so that we can better understand the discrepancies in the reports and the conflicting information.
(We note that an Applebee’s franchisee, Miller Apple, was also named in the lawsuit but it does not own or operate this restaurant.)